Mathematical Explorations and Visualizations with Code

October 4, 2017 at 4:00 PM
306 Soda Hall, EECS Colloquium, UC Berkeley
The world of digital/algorithmic/generative art is blooming, and creative coding is becoming more and more popular. This talk is a part of a family of talks I give, where I try to highlight the connections between computer science, mathematics, and art. For the EECS Colloquium I will go more in depth and focus on the interplay between mathematical structures and programming, with many of my own examples. Programming not only enables beautiful expression, art and engaging visualizations and explanations, but also, more importantly, opens up the world of mathematics to insightful exploration and deeper understanding. With only a few lines of code, we can parameterize and experiment with mathematical structures and learn more about them. Keywords: Math, Art, Creative Coding, Geometry, Curves, Envelopes, Primes, Permutations, Card Shuffling, Partitions, Flocking, Cellular Automata, and Celtic Knots.
Description of talk

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