Patterns and Metaphors in Mathematics and Programming

February 5, 2015 at 6:59 PM
Pub with Professor, The RF Basement, Blindern, Oslo
Once again Realistforeningen invites you to "Pub with a Professor". This time we have invited Roger Antonsen to come to talk about the things he likes best.

Finding patterns and use metaphors are essential in mathematics and programming. In this playful lecture Roger Antonsen will talk about this, he will experiment with patterns and see what happens!

Roger Antonsen has a PhD in mathematical logic and proof theory. He has given hundreds of popular science lectures on mathematics, he comminicate science in original ways and teaches the course "INF1080 - Logical methods" at the Department of Informatics. Besides, he has the book "Yoga for the brain" in his bookshelf in the office. So he is a man of many interests and if we know Roger we can probably expect that the lecture will be a little out of the ordinary.