The greatest of all is the infinite

  • @ 16:10–30:30: The infinite. Monkeys og Shakespeare. The word infinite. The number π. Hilbert’s hotel. @ 24:00: Infinity plus one. Cardinal and ordinal numbers. Countability. Continuum hypothesis.
  • @ 49:28–53:00: Probability of having the same birthday. The Birthday Paradox.

We find pictures of everything that has ever happened - inside the number pi. And then we have a visit from a climate scientist, three days after Trump was elected president. He's low on hat. Additionally, we ask:

  • How to keep bananas fresh?
  • What can the galls on oak trees do?
  • Why is it colder in the mountains?
  • Can you see further in the fall?
  • How long do bedbugs survive?

On the panel:

  • Particle physicist and climate scientist Bjørn Samset
  • Logician Roger Antonsen
  • Conservation biologist Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson
Abel’s Tower
Press and Media
November 11, 2016