Magical Patterns
March 6, 2016
Roger Antonsen

The Magical Patterns of Mathematics

(Published in Aftenposten March 6, 2016, in Norwegian.)

It is a great pleasure for me to launch a video series today! It is called "Magical Patterns" and aims to inspire and create greater interest and curiosity for mathematics. Here, you will not find that many formulas and calculations, but rather examples of a world that consists of slightly alternative mathematics. The intention is that everything should be easy to understand for everyone.

The series focuses on specific topics such as origami, hexaflexagons, and juggling, but also more abstract concepts such as fixed points and infinities. In the time to come, the videos will be published in both Aftenposten's column with the same name and on a dedicated YouTube channel. The series, which is in twelve independent parts, is produced by Rubicon and financed by the Abel Prize and the University of Oslo. Here is a teaser of what's coming!

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