Here are some sketches, experiments, and art! I enjoy making things that both have mathematical content and that are satisfying to watch. One of my motivation for these experiments is to see some of the underlying structure that would be hard to see otherwise. The process of visualizing and experimenting with mathematical structures through computer code, is also very rewarding and exciting. I am deeply fascinated by how code can be utilized in order to visualize, and make tangible, mathematical structures, and also uncover some of that underlying beauty and complexity that often follow from very simple assumptions.

Celtic Paper Hilbert Curve
Mirror Hilbert Labyrinth
Hilbert Tiles
Wooden Hilbert Curves
Hilbert Curves
Randomized Circle Packing
Visualizing Card Shuffling and Permutations in 3D
Elliptical Pinballs!
Around and around!
Testing, testing! Round and around.
The Network Paradox
Network Art
Eight Ways to Shuffle Sixty-Four Cards
Six Perfect In-Shuffles With 125 Cards and Five Piles
MOVES 2017
Yellow cube! No, orange dodecahedron!
Pyritohedra. Plural of pyritohedron.
Five Octahedra
Another way to draw a ❤
Rolling Shutter Handoff Symmetry Thing
When in doubt, parameterize
Hairy Spiral Thing
Pinna (2002) illusion with colors
Pinna (2002) illusion with triangles
Asemic Love Letter Experiment
89 Pointy Dragon Triangles Circling Around.
Limaçon trisectrix thing with 24 points
Another 90 Rotating Equilateral Triangles
90 Rotating Equilateral Triangles
Celebratory Rotating Trisectrix from 12 Circles
Fifteen Blue Circles