Welcome to my home page. If you are interested in what I do, have a look around. I am an associate professor of computer science at the University of Oslo in Norway and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, California and ICERM at Brown University.


Read about my book Logical Methods: The Art of Thinking Abstractly and Mathematically and other books I have contributed to!


I enjoy giving inspiring and entertaining talks within a wide variety of topics, ranging from mathematics and computer science to philosophy and art, where I try to challenge the audience to question their perspectives and think differently.


I love teaching, and I mainly teach mathematics and computer science at the University of Oslo in Norway, with an emphasis on the course Logical Methods.


My academic interests are mainly logical calculi, proof theory, mathematical logic, complexity theory, cellular automata, combinatorics, and the philosophy of mathematics, but I am also interested in algorithmic art, graphics, and visualizations.


Sketches, experiments, and art. I enjoy making things that both have mathematical content and that are satisfying to watch.


From time to time I appear in the news. Here is an overview of the various press and media I have appeared in.


Sometimes I write about stuff and things. Read more here!